My approach

Diets make you fat.

Today we know that diets are doomed to failure, that they lead to recover lost weight with a bonus, the famous yo-yo effect, we also know the devaluing feeling of guilt after a dietary excess, that pushes to give up.


That’s why I propose a food rebalancing that will allow to lose weight, by regulating the metabolism of lipogenesis (fat manufacture), while respecting your desires, tastes and conviviality, that you may adopt it for life and that the table may remain a pleasure.

The objective will be to improve your fat/lean mass ratio, your abdominal circumference, your blood parameters (blood sugar, triglycerides, liver enzymes, etc.), and finally to reconcile with your body.


Nutrition has evolved significantly in recent years and we have learned that a low-calorie diet is not effective in weight loss in the long term. It is common to see women who consume less than 1,200 calories a day, they do not manage to lose weight, finally they are exhausted physically and psychologically.

First of all, not all calories are equal, and depending on their source, they will not have the same impact on the body, either on the fat manufacturing process or on overall health.

In the same way, diets that exclude whole categories of food, sometimes carried out in an extreme way, are not beneficial to the improvement of the silhouette, nor to health in the long term.

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